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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> i'm glad you guys are okay, and i'm glad your speaking out for all those people who were left behind. thanks very much. >> thank you. thanks for watching our coverage. our coverage continues with "cnn newsroom." this is "cnn newsroom." live from los angeles. >> counting the cost of irma. the hurricane leaves almost every home damaged or destroyed in the florida keys. >> food and water running low, with arm eed gangs looting shop and homes. and how can some of the islands rebuild? and the white house goes after james comey's prosecute. should the justice department investigate the former fbi director?
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>> i'm john vause, this is "newsroom l.a." what was hurricane irma is now bringing showers to starts of the u.s. south. but the record breaking storm has left behind a trail of destruction, which could mean years of rebuilding in caribbean and florida. >> irma killed 38 people in the caribbean and 17 in the united states. >> those in the florida keys are seeing widespread destruction. millions of people across the state are without power. >> caribbean islands are trying to assess the catastrophic damage caused by irma. widespread power outages, flooded neighborhoods and in some places there are reports of looting by armed gangs. more than three days after irma lit florida, many are going back to their homes in the keys.
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>> kim la followed one couple as they returned home. >> reporter: waiting throughout the night. the line of cars stretching and growing as dawn breaks. zmri want to go home. i want to see my home. i want to see that we have a home. >> reporter: heidi and allen, out of their key largo house since irma hit. fear and anxiety growing by the minute as they wait. >> my house, where i pay taxes and i'm not allowed to get in here. >> i spent five days on the [ bleep ] road. >> reporter: before tempers flare even more, 7:00 a.m., the first roadblock comes down. the evacuated returning home for the first time since the hurricane. cars moving down u.s. 1, the only highway in or out of the florida keys. if you had to describe in a few words how you feel about all this, what would it be? >> frustrated, angry. the whole situation, watching the news and not knowing what's going on with your house and
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everything. your life. >> reporter: you can see damage throughout key largo, plantation and island marada. but they're luck y compared to the lower keys. they're trying to look beyond the destroyed business. >> things aren't looking great right now. we're trying to clean up, to the best we can. >> reporter: while the residents of some keys got their annalses tod answers today, others did not. this is the new roadblock, another obstacle they have to wait for to get past. beyond the roadblock, search and rescue continues. >> how desperate are they? >> it's going to be a while. >> reporter: back in key largo, allen and heidi get the first look at their home. >> oh, my god, the roof.
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>> reporter: irma toppled tees, a boat on their house. but the damage limited to one corner of the roof and their boat. inside, it's dry. seeing the house are you okay? >> right now, i'm okay. right now, my family is okay. i'm okay. >> reporter: kyung lah, cnn. lee road out the storm with his family in south carolina, returning to the home on tuesday. tell us about the moment when you pulled up and saw your house for the first time. what state is it in? >> it was a very shocking moment to see a house you live in and grow up in that you love so dearly, be in such terrible
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condition. we got there and you can't enter the house because the car can't enter the house because there's a tree blocking the roadway. once you walk around that, there's a tree blocking -- knock over the fence on both entrances to the fence. there's another tree that fell of top of the roof and did some considerable damage to the roof. >> the damage sounds pretty extensive. and i know you have a farming business also, growing fruit. i know that was hit pretty bad. give us a sense of the damage there. >> we grow different tropical fruits, star fruit, mangos, avocados. the hurricane came and a lo of the trees, they fell and the crops were lost. and if the tree didn't fall, the
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crops, they're gone and cannot be used. it's very sad to see that, as it's $500,000 loss. a pretty devastating blow to the business. >> talk to me about how you are doing in terms of processing all of this. has it sunk in how quickly everything changed? >> i mean, still processing. i'm still thinking about, you know, what i'm going to do tomorrow? what am i going to do the next day? about how i can move forward with this. we want to clean up everything. make sure that everything is cleared out. and then, regarding the business, we're just going to have to start from square one possibly and try to get things going again. >> you know, i can't even imagine, as you say, the devastation is on the personal front. it's also happened to your
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business on the commercial front. there's so much literal damage and the dollar price tag that goes with it. where do you even begin? you say you want to clean up. what's the first step you take? >> i mean, there really is no specific first step. there's no simple "a," "b," and "c" plan to deal with it the we're going to start with square one. there is no government cram pro that helps farmers with disasters like this in hurricanes. so, it will be difficult. >> well, hoour heart goes out t you and your family. you're going through an incredible amount of suffering as are thousands and thousands of people. we wish you the very, very best. we will stay in touch to see how
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you're getting on. we wish you the best of luck. thank you. pedram jef harry joins us now. millions of people without electricity in sweltering heat. >> you look outside, look at the temperatures, middle 80s. the factors that your body spands to heat are air temperature and physical activity. a lot of people are trying to get to their property. you put that together it's a recipe for disaster. i'll break this down. key west, areas impacted, the weather stations are knocked out in key west. work your way into the caribbean. observations in the british virgin islands, also not are reporting because of the severity of the tomorrow. look at the temperatures. pushing in the mid and upper 90s. 4.3 million customers without
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power in florida. we're talking 10 million, 16 million people without power. you think about the state of florida, over 3 million people over age 65. 1 in 20 is over 80 years old. if humidity is extreme, the sweating doesn't happen efficiently. it's the kids and the elderly you have to be careful with. if you look at a multi-day event, some going three days without electricity. the cumulative effect of heat on the body is most dangerous when it comes to these weather patterns. >> it will be a while before the electricity is fully restored. pedram, thank you. the destruction and despair in the caribbean is unprecedented. residents are struggling to cope with irma's aftermath. >> many last everything when the hurricane hit. now, they're stranded, running
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low on food and other supplies. carissa moore has more on the devastation on the island of gue guadeloupe. >> reporter: not a day went by, she says, without us thinking that we were lucky to live on this idyllic island. today, it is just complete chaos. six days after irma pummeled st. martin, officials say more than 90% of the buildings on the island are damaged or destroyed. food and water are still scarce. power remains out for most. thousands of tourists were stranded for days. >> it was horrifying. absolutely horrifying. never been that scared in my life. >> reporter: the desperation has led to looting and violence, with reports not yet confirmed by cnn, of armed men roaming the streets. dr. lochlan and kay-ann mcclay
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were on the island when the storm struck. they had to stand strong against looters. military is trying to control chaos, but nothing is safe after dark. lots of looting. i was on patrol last night with machete until the sun came up. and it's the same on the hard-hit caribbean opinion on the virgin islands, one resident told cnn the situation is only getting worse. >> the supermarket here, doubled the prices. the gas stations have doubled the prices. so, we're running out of cash. it's just scary. and i was at a gas station trying to buy gas from a guy on a motorbike. a scooter came up and pulled out a gun. >> reporter: help has been slow to arrive to many of the islands where people are struggling to
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get by day-to-bday. and full recovery may be years away. chrarissa ward, cnn, guadeloupe. thanks so much being with us. your experience with irma sounds like a nightmare. tell us what you and your family went through when the storm hit. >> it was, honestly, really, really devastating and saddening. i literally said to my family five minutes ago, i thought i was in a bad dream. now, i'm on the neighboring island of st. croix. i escaped what went on at st. thomas. it is sad to see the devastation. a lot of roofs are off. people are trying to survive with what's there and what they have on the island, you know, we're so secluded and in the middle of nowhere. it's hard to just kind of get everything that we can. you know? just because everyone's just trying to survive. but for me, just the experience,
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the start of the storm started around 12:00, 1:00 on wednesday. and the beginning of the storm was strong winds. the shudders and the windows of the porch that my mom's house, where she was living, it flew away right away. we had to go into the bathroom, the bathtub for 18 hours, waiting out the storm until the morning, around like 4:00 or 5:00, when the winds finally stopped. i think when i got out of the bathroom and i looked out on the porch and i saw everything around me, i started crying because i didn't realize how bad this was. and i was just thinking in my head, everyone else that went through this, you know, i at least have a roof over my head. but i knew some people didn't at all. i saw finally two days later, when i drove around the island. a lot of places were gone. completely collapsed homes. and everywhere is completely brown. that's i think is the worst thing, too.
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it's brown, not green anymore. >> the brown, the -- the signifies death. everything is just covered up. >> yeah. >> i knew that -- go ahead, julian. >> you were about to mention the coast guard, actually. where my mom lives, there were trees and power lines that were down. the coast guard came and cut down the tree that was blocking our driveway. we finally got out on friday, saturday, to see what was going on around st. thomas. but they calm in and red cross was around the area, as well. people are coming in and trying to help everyone get by. but it's just -- the power i don't think will be back on for a very, very long time. the power lines are down everywhere. >> how is your mom doing? >> she's all right. she's in survival mode now. i think it's just finally -- we're on st. croix, now, which didn't get hit as bad as st. thomas. it looks completely green over here, to me was the drastic change of, like, seeing just
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brown everywhere and devastation. and now, coming to st. croix, which is a bit -- they didn't get hit. and looks like nothing happened here. now, we're just trying to regroup and get our minds off of just seeing, you know, devastation everywhere. >> the devastation. your mother's house, you mentioned the porch just blowing off. what is the extent of the damage to your mother's house? and what are the prospects for rebuilding and going back? >> well, she has to get new doors for her porch doors. and the concrete around the porch blew away. rebuilding that and putting up the sliding doors. getting a new bed. and getting new furniture. all of the furniture inside of the home, since the windows were exposed, it got a foot of water flood in. so, everything was wet inside. getting new furniture. getting a new wall built. the interior walls were gone because the wind blew them away.
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the only -- the only standing structures were the bathroom and the kitchen. >> that's all? >> that was all, yeah. the wall came out. and everything is just wet on the inside. >> so sh, talk to me about your sense of the federal and local authorities' response to this. how satisfied are you with what you've seen and you've heard in terms of how quickly they came to your aid and just getting necessary supplies in to people? >> i've been listening to the local news. and i've not heard great things about people trying to get food and supplies. we are lucky to have friends and family nearby that had plenty of food and water. i'm thinking about the people who can't rely on the people around them. getting supplies, it's kind of -- it's hard. there's lines everywhere. gas stations, grocery stores. and there's a lot of federal
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agents on different places, you know, protecting those businesses. so, people aren't looting. people -- i guess the communication, you know, with locals and all these different people coming in, it's not -- i guess they aren't -- not to say they're not helping. but it's not -- they're not communicating in a way that's respectful to the locals. it's a bit forceful, which i've heard on the radio and seen firsthand with federal agents everywhere. >> you did mention loolt iting. i have to pick up on that. how widespread is it? what are you hearing about the crime there on st. thomas? i know some local authorities are pushing back against that. those reports are out there. >> yeah. no, it's definitely happening. a lot of businesses i saw had broken windows. they were gone inside. the looting is happening. the police -- there's a curfew. they have a restriction when people can be out on the road. that's kind of protecting
11:18 pm
businesses in a way, so you have people on the road between 12:00 and 6:00. between the other times, there's people out, you know, just trying to see what they can find in different businesses. that's why there's a prominence of federal agents in businesses. they're protecting gas stations from having gas or food supply warehouses so they can sustain themselves with the food they have and people aren't looting. >> yeah. it is a desperate situation. tensions are running julien, we are pleased you are safe with your mother on stst. st. croix. thank you for speaking to us. >> i want to bring awareness to my islands. we're in a desperate situation here. we're part of the u.s. i hope people can pay attention to what's going of here. >> we'll check in with you and continue to follow up on your progress. hope to speak to you soon.
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>> thank you so much. have a good night. >> wow. okay. we'll take a short break. when we come back, after days of criticism of too little, too slow, european leaders are promising to rebuild their caribbean territories after irma's devastation.
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european leaders are coming
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under fire for reacting too slowly for care of the caribbean territories. macron was looking at the devastation. he outlined the priorities for recovery. >> it's difficult and what i want to do is to have a very fast recovery. so, we're trying to fix the situation regarding health, education, access to water, energy and medical. >> meantime, u.k. secretary franz john sson visited a mility base where he defended his government's response. >> we feel for the suffering. most fair-minded people, looking at the deployment the u.k. has made. this is the biggest deployment that we've seen since libya. you have a thousand rooms in the
11:24 pm
area. more than 50 police officers. more police officers are coming in tonight. huge numbers of supplies coming in. live to nina de santos in london where it is 7:23 on a wednesday morning. there's a thousand soldiers in the region, 50 policemen. what else is the government doing? that doesn't sound like a big mobilization at this point. >> remember that the u.k. doesn't have permanent naval bases on these islands because of the they ware governed. they're overseaser territories. where macron is dealing with, because they're part of french territory. they have military facilities that i can store things at. the u.k. is in a different predicament. over the last few days, we heard that defense coming from the foreign office and number 10 downing street, john. but they are doing what they can
11:25 pm
to make sure that people get access to as much clean drinking water as they can. that's obviously an immediate priority, as well as food, shelter, and security because across a number of these, particularly the british virgin islands that bore the brunt of this storm, the issue of looting and security is in the forefront of people's minds. a number of homes on these islands are inhabitable, as well. shelter kits are being provided to islands like anguilla, where 90% of the housing stock is said to be dangerous or uninhabitable. tortola will get help for security to prevent looting. "hms ocean" will have 15,000 i gene kits and 10,000 buckets for
11:26 pm
water. but it will take ten days to get all the way over there to the other side of the world, john. >> okay. yeah. it's a long way. nina, thank you. nina dos santos live for us in london. let's have a quick break. kate baldwin is coming up for our viewers in asia. the tiny islands of the caribbean was no match for the storm. now, residents are slowly trying to deal with the aftermath of irma. but officials warn it could take years to recover. hear the difference versus oral b. in a recently published clinical study, philips sonicare diamondclean outperforms oral-b 7000, removing up to 82% more plaque and improving gum health up to 70% more. its sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. from the most recommended sonic toothbrush brand by dental professionals. switch to philips sonicare today. philips sonicare. save when you buy now.
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching "cnn newsroom live" from los angeles. it's just 11:30 here on a tuesday night. north korea is condemning the u.n. sanctions against the country as a heinous provocation. they are meant to put a cho chokehold on north korea's economy. emmanuel macron promises to rebuild territories devastated by hurricane irma in the caribbean. irma struck the caribbean as a
11:31 pm
category 5 hurricane last week, killing at least 38 people. it's statemented 90% of homes in the florida keys were damages or destroyed by hurricane irma. come have restarted returning to the island chain. the death toll in the state stands at 12. satellite images from nasa have a unique view of the destruction irma left across the caribbean. on the top, you can see what the u.s. and british virgin islandses looked like before. most of the vegetation has been uprooted. this is a side-by-side. irma changed its color. and this is barbuda and antigua. >> adam joins us from st. john in the u.s. virgin islands. adam, thank you for taking time
11:32 pm
to talk with us. there is clearly an immediate need for water, food and shelter. how can the islands rebuild? the first step will be removing the rubble and debris. but how do they do that? >> exactly, john. there's a significant challenge we have from debris management. there's ongoing life safety issues that we're handling. the biggest challenge is not just debroidebris, but getting off of the island because there's no sustainable option for them. when they try to move the debris, they have to find somebody to put it. there's no open space on the island and the damage here is catastrophic. >> yeah. when the earthquake happened in haiti, the president said it would take a thousand trucks a thousand days to move that debris. this looks like a similar situation. they get everybody off the ild, clear the rubble. they need building workers,
11:33 pm
construction workers. and it's many times higher than on the mainland. and the economy won't be in a position to afford that. >> exactly. obviously, there was an ongoing situation with the virgin islands and their fiscal budget. hopefully the government will come in and support not only just the individual home oowner here, but also the core infrastructure. here, every single power line that goes over roads are down. telephone poles are snapped. and the water system here is compromised. >> is there a time estimate on how long it could actually take before there's anything that looks like normalcy? >> they haven't begun to
11:34 pm
initiate planning on that because right now they're trying to chainsaw through, cut down pair li power lines and get to the remote areas of st. john. we're working with st. john rescue and doing searches. task force one began this evening to search in support of that. that way they can do a house-to-house sweep and identify if anybody is still stuck inside. however, earlier today, we found one person still inside of their home, elderly, that was unable to get out and was scheduled to have heart surgery tomorrow. the u.s. military was able to get them uh-60 blackhawk and bl flew them off the island. >> that's the priority, getting people off the island and getting the aid in and trying to restore any basic services. but what we're we're looking at is the staggering numbers of
11:35 pm
damage. $300 million to barbuda. more than $1 billion for st. martin. for the people that who still there, does this weigh on them? are they looking to the future and wondering if they have a future? or is it a day-to-day proposition now for them? >> even the rescuers that have -- the volunteer rescue crew that's been working with us, a lot of them have been trying to go through self-evaluation of whether or not it's time to relocate. a lot of them are thinking about depopulating the island themselves, as far as the damage is too catastrophic. there's no way for them to recover. >> so, there's a possibility these islands, some of them, may just have to be abandoned? >> yes. certain parts from here, as far oz the economic status of the residents, i think it would be a challenge for them to rebuild some of these areas.
11:36 pm
>> these are very difficult times for so many people. adam, thank you for being with us. and thank you for what you do. you're former u.s. army soldier and you're bringing your skills, muf much of needed, to this disaster. thanks for taking your time. >> thanks, john. >> the devastation to people's lives that have been upended. if you want to help hurricane irma victims, go to you can donate to one of the sha charities we've vetted. or volunteer your time. a quick break here. >> time for a break. the trump administration takes another look at the former fbi director and says the justice department should do the same. also, hillary clinton has a new book. the white house has to say about that in a machine. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs
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u.s. president donald trump is planning to view the storm damage in florida on thursday. sources say he will travel to
11:41 pm
the gulf coast where hurricane irma made landfall. >> meanwhile, the white house said the justice department should prosecute the former fbi director. she explained why comey should face charges. >> comey leaked information before president trump fired him. his actions likely were illegal. >> would the white house encourage the d.o.j. to persecute comey? >> i'm not sure about that specifically. if there's a moment when we feel someone has broken the law, particularly if they're the head of the fbi, that's something that should be looked at. >> joining us in los angeles, la matthew libman and john phillips. this is the second day in a row the white house has gone after comey, questioning his credibility and character.
11:42 pm
connect the dots here. what does this say to you about the special counsel robert mueller, particularly the obstruction of justice. >> if they weren't afraid of comey, they wouldn't keep talking about him. they're going after obstruction of justice and charges. pau because of the flight they were on when donald trump jr. came out and said the meeting was about adoption and wasn't about adopti adoption. and donald trump helped him with that statement. what was that meeting about and was donald trump trying to cover up what that meeting was about? and that's where he has ali and plus trump's finances. i think there's a lot there. not only are they going to try to destroy comey's credibility, they're trying to attack mueller. >> john phillips, on the
11:43 pm
attacking of comey's credibility, doesn't it put the white house on shaky ground? a white house that has credibility issues of its own? >> i think we've seen for a while now that this white house doesn't like the cut of his jib. >> what experience. >> this is the latest battle with jim comey. and it's more about the "60 minutes" interview. bannon said it was a mistake to fire comey. this is a proxy battle between jared and bannon playing out. >> let's hear what steven bannon said in that "60 minutes" interview about comey. >> someone said to me that you described the firing of james comey -- you're a student of history -- as the biggest mistake in political history.
11:44 pm
>> that would probably be too bombastic for me. but maybe modern political history. i don't think there's any any doubt if james comey had not been fired, we would not have a special counsel, yes. >> so, worst than the decision to invade iraq. worse than choosing sarah palin as a running mate. do you think that ba in nnon th that there's something bad to come. >> this was just in terms of the politics of it, this was an incredibly, incredible mistake. self-made mistake by trump. this was a stupid mistake that trump made, with jared kushner's advice. he relies on jared kushner, trump, not because jared kushner is some kind of genius, because jared kushner is his son-in-law. and loyal to donald trump. that's why he's put in charge of all this stuff. i think that bannon knows that this mistake, which led to the
11:45 pm
special prosecutor, now could lead to trump's undoing and a lot of that is because of obstruction of justice and the finances. >> speaking of undoing, hillary clinton has published a new book, "what happened," taking a look at all that went down in the election. the white house has a very concise opinion of the book. take a listen to sarah sanders. >> whether or not he's going to read hillary clinton's book, i'm not sure. but i would think that he's pretty well versed on what happened. and i think it's clear to all of america. i think it's sad that after hillary clinton ran one of the most negative campaigns in history and lost, and the last chapter of her public life is going to be now defined by propping up book sales with false and reckless attacks. i think that's a sad way for her to continue. >> sad. matt, you started reading it. >> i have.
11:46 pm
i'm as far as page 20. so far, so good. it's actually better than i thought it would be for 20 ages. but hillary did win by 3 million votes. you know that hillary won by 3 million votes? >> i get the papers. >> in terms of their writing this book, better now than next year, when we get close to midterm elections. i think a lot of democrats want to put the hillary thing behind us and get on. >> just to pick up on what sarah sanders said, about the last chapter of political life being this book, which again, resurrects and slings arrows. is this the right move? >> if i were hill hillary, i wouldn't have put this book out now. she ran an interesting losing campaign. she did lose to not the brightest guy in the world. i can understand why she wants to get it out there. however, better now than in next year or a couple years later. we need the rest of the democratic party to have some room here.
11:47 pm
>> john, is hillary clinton the gift to republicans that just keeps giving? >> this is the fruit of the month club. until the point that hillary clinton published this book, i thought that glenn beck was the angriest woman in america. now, it's hillary clinton. look at the people she's blaming for her loss. barack obama, bernie sanders, james comey, joe biden. an entire race of people. white people. >> i'm reading "shattered," a much more accurate version. >> she puts a lot of blame on herself in the book. >> i never thought we would say this. but texas senator ted cruz lik s s porn. or someone who uses his twitter account liked a video. this is what the senator said when he was asked about it on monday. >> you don't want to clarify for us? >> we put out a statement earlier today. >> you put a statement out? or you talk to reporters?
11:48 pm
>> yes put out a statement. our team can get it to you. >> that was awkward. so, the statement came out. ultimately it was a staffing issue. it was a mistake. >> a mistake. they're looking into it. >> john? >> you know, i talk to a very high placed republican source in washington today. and he said that senator cruz wanted to respond to the story last night. but was sound asleep. and i don't know why. john, maybe you can explain it to me. >> this is probably the most human thing that ted cruz has ever done. i would like to see what he doesn't like. i would like to see the thumbs down of porn on his twitter account. >> we saw some of the video, on porn hub, the first clip that was taken in the fastest time to reach 1 million views after ted cruz's staff inadvertently liked it. how about that? >> i didn't know they had porn on twitter. i thought it was all sports and
11:49 pm
news. thanks to cnn for that. >> what a good place to end. what an education. matt and john, thank you. >> thank you. well, our own anderson cooper will be talking with hillary clinton about her mem r memoir, kw"what happened," wednesday night, 8:00 p.m. next on cnn newsroom, to celebrate the iphone's tenth anniversary, apple unveiled a special model. why it comes with such a hefty price tag. >> because stupid people will pay for it. people would stare.
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allergytry new xyzal®.ou have symptoms like these with code tv10. for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. so, ten years after steve jobs -- >> ten years. >> you are old. >> miss my blackberry. >> ten years since he unveiled the iphone, apple released a new flagship device. >> the first iphone changed the world in the process. now, ten years later, it is only fitting that we are here in this place, on this day, to reveal a product that will set the path
11:54 pm
for technology for the next decade. >> angels wept and birds flew south. the luxurious iphone x comes with everything you don't actually need. and be ready to hand out some serious cash. >> there's no denying that $1,000 price tag is very expe e expensi expensive. but the truth of the matter, a lot of people were paying nearly that much, for some of the larger versions of the iphones. and a lot of the competitors to apple like samsung have $1,000 phones on the market. the biggest difference to me between the iphone x that has the $1,000 price tag is that the iphone x has nearly an infinity skree screen. it's what you will notice if one
11:55 pm
of your trend ins has it. also, the iphone x has facial recognition. you don't have to use your thumbprint to get in your phone. you don't need the home$600. when that iphone came out, there was nothing like it on the market. here we are at a $1,000 iphone, and the trauth is, apple was playing catch-up. all of the features are available on competitors' phones. but apple learned that they don't have to be innovator that steve jobs was, they have to do it best and people will buy the products. and they are squeezing every last penny out of us. >> out of you guys. not out of me. >> they will because people love it. >> they love their gadgets. >> enjoy it. i hope you've enjoyed watching cnn newsroom. live from los angeles. >> i'm john vause. the news continues with rosemary church. >> i'm isa sesay.
11:56 pm
>> rosemary's up, after a short break. >> you're watching cnn. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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